2019 Dial-A-Bus Appreciation Event

All Dial-A-Bus Staff,

On July 19th we will have our annual Employee Appreciation event at the Corvallis Knights game. Even if you have no interest in baseball, please come to this event for an hour and be there when we recognize you and your coworkers for all of your hard work.

We encourage you to bring your family and have dinner on Dial-A-Bus at the stadium. After we all arrive and have a chance to watch the game for 45 minutes or so, we will break away as a group to recognize the outstanding contributions of some staff and have a random prize drawing. Staff who don’t want to stay for the game (and more food) are more than welcome to leave after this.

I am personally inviting all of you to come to this event and would really appreciate it if we all made an effort to be there. This is our night to remind ourselves that we are doing important work for our community and to show our support for our co-workers.

Please confirm with Carmen and Roberto that you will be there and let them know if you are bringing family.

Thank you,