Note to Staff – March 2021

Dial-A-Bus Staff


Please read this carefully. The following information applies to all of us and it is important you understand it so you can best evaluate your individual situations.

With schools opening, we will have much more work available starting shortly. That timeline is still a little unclear, but it will be less than a month before we start having more available hours to be worked.

Given our current staffing, we will not have enough drivers to meet the demand for service.

Thus, we are already in the process of hiring more drivers to meet as much of the demand as we possibly can. And while nobody will lose their job for choosing not to come back to work due to your personal assessment of COVID-related risk factors, there are a few very important things to consider:

  1. Dial-A-Bus is required by law to tell State Employment Department that work is available to our employees. If you are currently on unemployment, this may affect your benefits. Each of your cases is different, so if you hope to continue to collect unemployment after more work becomes available in a few weeks, you will need to work that out with the State Employment.
  1. We cannot hold open routes or time slots for drivers who are not working. When work becomes available, if you feel that coming back to work is not feasible due to your personal health situation, I fully support that decision. But when you do come back, your schedule opportunities may be different than what you had in the past.
  1. Our base wage for non-CDL drivers is now $14.50/hour. If you were making less than that prior to February 26th, regardless of whether or not you have been working, you are now making $14.50.

Again, PLEASE communicate with Carmen, Roberto and/or William regarding your work intentions and status as soon as possible. They will do the best they can to accommodate you. But please remember that our scheduling is an incredibly complex task and it is impossible to meet everyone’s needs.

Thanks and I am looking forward to seeing all of you again soon.