Note to Staff – October 2020


In lieu of a staff meeting, please read the following:

State of the Agency

Dial-A-Bus as an agency is doing fine. We are still operating on a very limited capacity and all of our services have been greatly reduced, but we are ready and able to re-open when we are called on to do so.

If you have not been in touch with Carmen, Roberto and/or William recently and would like some hours, more are coming available. With that said, predictions that COVID will ramp up again with the cold weather are already starting to manifest and it is very possible that we may see further restrictions from the Governor’s office.


Your Status as a Dial-A-Bus Employee

It is very important to me that every single employee understand and remember what I have been saying since the pandemic started; my responsibility to you as an employer DID NOT end when we underwent the layoffs and reductions earlier this year.

If you are having difficulties with your unemployment claims, other financial difficulties or have any other issues or problems with which you need help, I would like you to call, text or email me directly.

Additionally, I understand that some of you cannot afford to spend a protracted amount of time on unemployment. If you have been forced to make other work arrangements or are considering doing so, we will support you in every way possible. Please let us know if we can help with this.




School Update

Schools will remain closed through January 6th and a new decision will be made at that time, based on the COVID numbers. As you know, if schools re-open, we will need a lot of you back to serve those kids. There is also a possibility that schools will start having kids return in small groups prior to January. This is being discussed by the school board this week and I will keep you all in the loop if that happens.

COVID Safety

Whether you are working or not, please take care of yourselves. Let us please make Dial-A-Bus a model for other organizations by always wearing masks in public, observing social distancing at all times and getting tested when appropriate to do so. If you want help with where to go to get tested, just check the Benton County (or Linn if you live there) Health Department web site to find out where you can get tested at no cost.

As you are well aware, we serve the community’s most vulnerable populations and therefor have an obligation to ourselves and to our clients to be even more vigilant about precautionary measures than the average citizen. Please do this for the same reasons that we do everything: Dial-A-Bus serves those who need service and it is an empirically good thing to do.

So while you are making your community a great place to be, let’s also overcome whatever is put in front of us to make sure we are doing it better than anyone could reasonably expect.

That’s who we are and every single one of you made us that way.