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This message is from an email sent to employees within the Sunset Building. it was sent to Dial-A-Bus staff from Benton County HR.

This message is being sent to All Sunset Building Employees and Tenants


I don’t want to cause any alarm with the message but I thought it was important to relay information Rick Pasley shared with me.  Rick is the County’s Safety Officer and he informed me that he made contact with a suspicious/unusual person today at the Sunset warehouse.  This individual parked his camper/van in the north side of the warehouse. 


This individual told Rick he is 80.  He is about 5’ 10”, Caucasian, with a longer white beard.  The camper/van is a Chevrolet conversion van, maybe late 80’s to 90’s, white with a brown or tan accent.  


Rick talked to him for a bit, and concluded that this person was not entirely in touch with reality.  Rick called the Corvallis Police Department (CPD) non-emergency dispatch and asked a patrol officer to come by.  CPD dispatched an officer and the person did move along.  


Rick did walk through the Sunset Building and let everyone he could reach know that this person was there, that the police had been informed, and to watch the doors when they came and went so this individual could not access the interior of the building.  He also advised people to come and go in pairs at least, especially as it gets later and darker. 


My suggestion at this point is that no one engage with this person.  If there are further encounters with the person on site, we can call CPD non-emergency again and ask for another patrol offer to come by and have a chat with him.  However, if he makes any threats of any kind, we should immediately call 911 and reporting that as a serious incident.


If you have additional questions please contact me at (541) 766-6086 or Rick Pasley at (503) 320-6411 (cell).



Eric Wolke

Assistant Human Resources Director

Benton County

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